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This app was designed by Dr. Sandra Kahn, author of GOPex, Let´s Face it!, and JAWS, a Bay Area orthodontist with more than 20 years of experience who practices Forwardontics.

Product Description

GOPex app is a tool to help kids (ideally from 4 to 18 years old) achieve the best postural habits for optimum face and airway development resulting in long-term health.

Modeling tutorial videos provided, users will send videos performing postural exercises: chewing, counting or reading. Each video will be reviewed by the GOPex app which will provide 90 days of guidance and feedback for improvement.

Incredible results will be observed in 30 days, but the goal is to make good posture a lifetime habit. GOPex utilizes brain plasticity to re-set children’s resting posture for growing healthier and preventing chronic disease.

Application will be active for 90 days, but long-term subscription membership can be requested for continuing maintenance.

GOPex Store

What is the Vacuum Activator?

The Vacuum Activator is a device created to promote nasal breathing and correct resting oral posture, aiding in the prevention of malocclusion, poor jaw development and obstructive sleep apnea caused by chronic oral breathing in children and adults.

How does it work?

The Vacuum Activator allows the user to mantain negative pressure with a feedback system that works as a visual aid to know if the tongue is placed in the correct position.

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Set of 3 Lip-Lockers

The lip-locker is an oral-used approved silicon device used to support the up-lock breathing that helps maintain a correct posture with negative pressure inside the mouth.

There are no returns nor refunds for this item.

The receiver/customer is responsible for settling all charges in order for customs to release the shipment and have it delivered.

The receiver/customer is responsible for assuring the product can be lawfully imported to the destination.

Mandíbulas Libro Tienda

Mandíbulas Libro

Hay una epidemia silenciosa que nadie ve y está literalmente bajo nuestras narices: nuestras mandíbulas se están volviendo más chicas y nuestros dientes cada vez se amontonan más, lo que no solo nos provoca problemas estéticos sino dificultades para respirar.

Sinopsis de Mandíbulas

Mientras los ortodoncistas nos han convencido de usar brackets y otros aparatos para lograr una «dentadura perfecta», las causas subyacentes de este rápido cambio en la evolución de nuestra postura oral permanecen sin solución, y seguimos amenazados por los riesgos de salud que representa la obstrucción de nuestras vías respiratorias.

Sandra Kahn y Paul R. Ehrlich, ella, una ortodoncista revolucionaria, y él, un evolucionista reconocido mundialmente, presentan los cambios biológicos, nutricionales y culturales que nos han llevado al problema que implica la reducción de nuestras mandíbulas y proponen lo que llaman forwardontics, tratamiento que se centra en ensanchar las mandíbulas más que en sacar dientes y poner frenos.

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There's a silent epidemic in western civilization, and it is right under our noses. Our jaws are getting smaller and our teeth crooked and crowded, creating not only aesthetic challenges but also difficulties with breathing.

Product Description

Modern orthodontics has persuaded us that braces and oral devices can correct these problems. While teeth can certainly be straightened, what about the underlying causes of this rapid shift in oral evolution and the health risks posed by obstructed airways?

Sandra Kahn and Paul R. Ehrlich, a pioneering orthodontist and a world-renowned evolutionist, respectively, present the biological, dietary, and cultural changes that have driven us toward this major health challenge. They propose simple adjustments that can alleviate this developing crisis, as well as a major alternative to orthodontics that promises more significant long-term relief. Jaws will change your life. Every parent should read this book.

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GOPex Book

This book was designed to help you develop correct resting oral posture.

Product Description

With it, you will achieve balanced growth of your face and teeth. Additionally, these exercises will support you in quest to develop your mind and body in the best way, so that you can reach your potential!

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First bimaxillary mask without facial support.

**If the shipment is outside the U.S. please email

Forwardontics Course

GOPex/Forwardontics Introductory Course (livestream recording)

February 1-3rd, 2019
San Mateo County Dental Society
Redwood City, California

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Master Class by Dr. Simon Wong

This master class is an unedited live recording from the 2nd Symposium
“Guiding Facial Growth” in Valencia, Spain on March 2017.

5 and a half hours of learning, divided in 10 sessions.

Once purchased, the viewer will have access to the master class for 7 days.

*With the purchase fo the Pay-Per-View Master Class, you will receive a 20% discount for the online live-stream seminar or in-person Master Class: GOPex/Forwardontics Course by Dr. Sandra Kahn and Dr. Simon Wong, February 1-3rd, California.



Online or in person one hour consultation with Dr. Sandra Kahn.
Once you pay for your consultation, we will get in touch with you to schedule it.

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Let's face it!

A guide to yours child's optimal health, facial an dental development

Product Description

Guía para la salud y desarrollo optimo de la cara, los dientes y las vía aéreas de tus hijos