Marisa Santos is a pediatric dentist graduated from the Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA) and Orthodontic Specialist from Universidad Catolica Argentina (UCA). She developed as Professor in Orthodontic Specialization first at Maimonides University (2008-2016) and now at UAI University. In 2014 she achieved a Diploma in London School of Facial Orthotropics with Professor John Mew. Nowadays, Dr. Santos is head of course with focus in teaching how to treat children from six months to eight years in the Argentine Orthodontic Society

After more than 25 years treating children, Dr. Santos specializes in early interdisciplinary intervention and airway. Early treatment gives the child the chance of improving general health, correcting body posture improving airway and helping with the treatment of OSA.

Since 2019 Dr. Santos is working as GOPex reviewer and trainer of both Doctors and patients internationally. GOPex app is a tool to help kids achieve the best postural habits for optimum face and airway development resulting in long-term health.

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