How does Forwardontics work?


Forwardontics is designed to prevent malocclusion by guiding growth from an early age, restoring the patterns of chewing pressures and resting posture impacts on muscles and bone typical of traditional human societies. The idea was to keep the mouth closed and to build core strength within the mouth, so that the upper and lower jaws are matched together and growth is symmetrical, balanced, and forward, resulting in a bigger, wider jaw.

Forwardontics utilizes appliances to develop the anatomy (width and length) of the jaws to be able to house the tongue and a healthy airway. Every technique that fosters this “forward” direction is grouped under the umbrella of Forwardontics.

Forwardontics considers the work of muscles, including, but not limited to the tongue, lips and cheeks, toned by appropriate weaning, chewing, breathing, and so forth. Remember, despite casual impressions, the upper jaw is not fixed and would tend to slide back and down without gradual muscular pressure of good oral posture.