Adult Forwardontics


There is a pioneering field of adult Forwardontics in which adults are treated with the same type of appliances that kids are given with some good results.

Sandra has used two standard Forwardontic appliances successfully with adult patients with mild symptoms of sleep- disordered breathing. Both look like orthodontic retainers and are worn only at night. The Homeoblock (similar to the much-used DNA appliance) and the oral-nasal airway system (OASYS).

These appliances direct tooth movement to widen the dental arches, making more room for the tongue and tending to open the nasal passages, improving the capacity of the airway for snoring and mild sleep apnea victims.

Other Forwardontic appliances and treatments include the opening of extraction spaces, myofunctional therapy, Crozats, etc. Anything that promotes forward development is consider part of Forwardontics. As John Mew said: If someone shows me that a carrot on a stick helps develop the face forward, I will consider that as a Forwardontic appliance.